Friday, October 11, 2019

Wild Wyoming Ski Trip 2020 - Open Reservations!

WILD WYOMING SKI TRIP 2020 - Open Reservations!
Reserve here:

Ready to the wilderness of Wyoming? Get ready to discover and explore the most diverse and amazing mountains of the season, hanging out with exchange students from all over the world. Come ski/snowboard with us! Limited places!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Colorado Ski Trip 2016 - Some Photos

Colorado Ski Trip 2016 is ending today! We all spent some awesome days skiing and snowboarding together! Here are some photos of our adventure!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

West and East Coast 2014 trips end today!

WEST and EAST COAST 2014 Trips are ending today! Wow! We had amazing trips this year! Lots of fun together on the road and on the most famous cities from each coast! We would like to thank Rotary International, Chairmen and Inbound Coordinators, Families and Host Families, also our coordinators, guides, drivers and suppliers! Thanks for all the support!
Our special thanks to you Exchange Student! Thanks for traveling with Terra North America - we do hope you enjoyed this trip so much as we did! Thanks! :)
Terra North America Staff

West Coast 2014 BUS II in San Diego! (+ Talent Show)

West Coast 2014 BUS I in Hollywood!

Photos from East Coast 2014 - NYC!

Friday, June 13, 2014

East Coast 2014 has started!

East Coast 2014 has started! After a long day of arrivals and our morning orientation on June 12th, we took our first visits at the beautiful Philadelphia City Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Exchange students make sure to run the front stairs of the Museum as Rocky Balboa did on its film! Re-creating famous movie scenes!
We then headed to Washington D.C.! Not after watching a little of Brazil's Opening Ceremony and World Cup 2014 Game! Brazilian students found out a bowling alley to watch so!
Today, June 13th will be a busy day of visits in Washington! Keep tuned for more news!