Thursday, July 11, 2013

Video from East Coast 2013!

Here's a video from EAST COAST 2013 - New York City! Credits from Martha-Marie Olimb! Nice work!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hawaii 2014 Trip - Coming soon...

HAWAII 2014 trip is on its way! The dates for this trip have been confirmed - the trip will happen between April 8th to April 16th, 2014! You can check the day-by-day program clicking here! Price and open reservations are not yet available - keep tuned!

You can also check the Official Blog of the tour and the Facebook Event!
Keep tuned for more news on this trip.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida 2013 Trip - Coming soon...

As we just the West and East Coast 2013 trips, Terra North America is now getting ready for the next exchange trip - FLORIDA 2013! We already have the day-by-day program and tour dates in our website ( - from November 17th to November 23rd! Click on the image below to access the FACEBOO EVENT of the trip so you confirm you're going!

The final price is not yet available, but for reference reasons, it's going to be about $850.00 US dollars (last year's price) - without the plane tickets! Soon, we'll have the final prices and open reservations! Keep tuned...
Click here to check the OFFICIAL BLOG of Florida 2013 Trip!

TNA has a Twitter! Follow us!

Hey everyone! Do you know Terra North America has a Twitter?! Yeah, you can follow what's happening on all the trips by accessing Terra North America's Twitter! Click on the blue Bird below and follow us!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Exchange Students in USA 2013-2014

Terra North America has created a new Facebook group dedicated for the upcoming exchange students in USA for 2013-2014:


Here's a great chance to meet other exchange students from all over the world living in the same or close region and talk about common subjects like impressions on USA, cultural diferences and exchange trips!
Join us and keep tuned for more new on the upcoming trips. Florida Trip 2013 is ahead...