Friday, March 21, 2014

Hawaii WESSEX 2014 ending today! :(

    Hawaii WESSEX 2014 trip is ending today! We hope everyone has enjoyed this trip they way as we did - we have now great stories to tell, photos to remember and friends for a lifetime! We would like to thank WESSEX multi-district, chaperones Amy and Junso, coordinators, guides, drivers, suppliers, Chairs, students, families and host families! Thank you all!
...and keep tuned for the Hawaii April 2014 Tour coming soon!

Somo Photos from Hawaii WESSEX 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

Aloha! We're in Hawaii!

Aloha! WESSEX Hawaii 2014 trip has just started! After arriving at San Francisco on March 12th and be presented to the rules of our trip at the General Orientation, students flew to Honolulu yesterday! Today, they will all board on an awesome sailing trip! Keep tuned for more news and access the Official Blog of this trip!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hawaii WESSEX 2014 starts tomorrow!

Dear Parents, Host Parents, Officers and Chairmen,

How are you? HAWAII WESSEX 2014 trip starts tomorrow! Exchange students are arriving in San Francisco (CA) tomorrow - some are arriving by plane and will be welcomed at SFO airport by our staff; others are coming by car and will be arriving at our hotel in San Francisco:

Best Western Plus Grosvenor San Francisco Hotel
380 South Airport Blvd. - South San Francisco, CA 94080 - (650) 873-3200

Exchange students should arrive in San Francisco by 05:00PM! On this same day, we'll have our General Orientation in which all the rules of the trip will be presented and explained! On March 13th (Thursday) everyone will fly together to Honolulu (HI) at the following flight:

Depart from San Francisco via United flight 300 on Thursday the 13th of March at 11:25 AM to arrive in Honolulu at 01:52 PM.

Depart from Honolulu via United flight 1575 on Thursday the 20th of March at 09:55 PM to arrive in San Francisco at06:07 AM on Friday the 21st of March.

Our trip is accompanied by two group coordinators and two chaperones from Rotary! You'll be able to follow our footsteps and check everything that is happening on the trip by accessing our Official Blog! Feel free to follow and leave your comments! You can also check the photos of the trip at our Facebook Gallery! More news on Twitter and Facebook Event!

We wish all a great trip!

Terra North America
+55 31 3282-1737
Hotels of the Trip:
- San Francisco: Best Western Plus Grosvenor San Francisco Hotel - 380 South Airport Blvd. - South San Francisco, CA 94080 - (650) 873-3200 (
- Honolulu: Ohana East Hotel - 150 Kaiulani Ave, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA 96815 - (866) 254-1605(